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        After sale service commitment

        All the products enjoy global quality assurance principles.

        Products provide a quality assurance, namely normal use free warranty for 12 months.

        According to the actual situation to provide free on-site demonstration.

        Imported accessories to provide products, ensure sustainable long-term use.

        Two check the new products from before the.

        According to customer requirements, providing technical support and service field.

        According to customer demand, the East China area 24 hours to arrive at the scene, the East China area in 48 ~ 72 hours to arrive at the scene.

        The use and maintenance of the site training products

        The use and maintenance of on-site training and regular products.

        Each repair, maintenance repair engineer will be issued by end, on-site repair, maintenance of the table, respectively, to your company equipment

        management department and my company productand application training engineer. Training engineer will be a series of case analysis for the customer

        establishment for field use and maintenance of training data.

        At the same time, according to the company's schedule for your company related department andmaintenance outsourcing personnel hydraulic products

        and equipment and the use of basicmaintenance training, in a face-to-face manner to listen to the site operation personnelencountered in the equipment 

        problems in the process of using, the hand and teach the way to deal with the problem to reduce the equipment failure rate and damage rate of you, and

        make yourstaff's daily safe operation and maintenance of more professional. Field training and certificationcan improve the safety and production 

        efficiency, and reduce downtime.

        Sufficient spare parts for the products, spare parts library

        According to your company's equipment archives, our company will be the real card, accounting and other ways for your company to establish an independent hydraulic products, spare parts,spare parts warehouse. Each product will be quality inspection, to ensure compliance with global quality standards, and provide timely replacement necessary spare parts of your equipment in use process, to ensure continuous improvement of production efficiency of your company.


        According to the use of your site, we recommend routine maintenance at least once a year.

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