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        simatec Bearing dismounting tool kit

        Date:2014/11/24 20:26:51 Hits:354

         BP61 Ball bearing puller

        ● Especially suitable for dark ball bearing disassembly.

        ● With 2 sets of wire rod support, 6 claw puller.

        ● The elastic locking device, convenient positioning claw puller.

        ● High strength alloy steel, with better performance.

        ● The packing box is provided with bearing selection  table,

            more convenient to use.

        ● Applicable bearing diameter: 10-100mm.

        ● Weight: 3.2kg.

         MK1030 Bearing half tool group

        The latest launch of the bearing dismantling tool combination is

         composed of a ball bearing pullerand bearing installation tool

        combination, portable toolbox uses 50 parts, and with the use

        of othertables and operating instructions, especially suitable

        for small and medium size bearing users.

        Ball Bearing Puller

        ● With a slide hammer, 2 supporting poles, 5 groups and 7 support

           ring claw puller.

        ● Bending type puller claw can firmly grip the bearing.

        ● The elastic locking device, convenient positioning claw puller.

        ● The size of all clearly marked claws.

        ● High strength alloy steel, with better performance.

        ● Applicable bearing diameter: 10-80mm.

        Bearing installation tool

        ● With the installation of 24 rings, 2 sleeve and1 rebound

            hammer impact.

        ● Seismic high strength and impact sleeve mounting ring.

        ● The design of humanized users more comfortable.   

        ● Applicable bearing diameter: 10-30mm.

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