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        Induction Heater

        BETEX 38ZFD

        Date:2014/11/24 19:44:46 Hits:464

        ● BEGA induction heaters by electromagnetic induction heating technology is controlled by microcomputer,
           more secure than traditional technology, environmental protection, clean, efficient,and easier operation.
        ● As a result of the working principle of its advanced technology, scientific work can make heating in the
           temperature range of the default, effectively prevent the workpiece unnecessary damage, while the
           workpiece reasonable lifetime guarantee.
        ● Wide application range, can be used for heating the bearing, gear, shaft coupling bushing, etc..

          BETEX 38ZFD
          Voltage:400/500V / 30A
          Staven/sstandaard mm /set 1:optioneel
          Staven/sstandaard mm /set 2:20,30,40,60,80
          Max. gewicht (kg):Lagers 280,Andere aandrijfomponenten 200
          Min. ID (mm):30/Φ130
          Max. OD (mm):720/1080
          Max. breedte (mm):340
          Max. breedte (Max. breedte horizontale verhitting,mm):290
          Max. bereik:240℃ ((Magneet sensor,Digitale uitlezing)
          Automatische demagnetisering:YES
          Afmetingen (l×b×h,mm):1200×640×1000
          Gewicht verhitter (kg):65/105(excl.Staven)
          Gewicht verhitter (kg):21(excl.staven)

        Copyright:Shanghai Cen Nuo Machinery Co. Ltd.