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        Induction Heater

        BETEX 40RSD/40RSDm TURBO

        Date:2014/11/24 19:44:12 Hits:527
        ● BEGA induction heaters by electromagnetic induction heating technology is controlled by microcomputer, 
           more secure than tradition -al technology, environmental protection, clean, efficient,and easier operation.
        ● As a result of the working principle of its advanced technology, scientific work can make heating in the
           temperature range of the defa -ult, effectively prevent the workpiece unnecessary damage, while the
           workpiece reasonable lifetime guarantee.
        ● Wide application range, can be used for heating the bearing, gear, shaft coupling bushing, etc..

        BETEX 40RSD/40RSDm TURBO
        Voltage:400/500V / 20A
        Staven/sstandaard mm /set 1:optioneel
        Staven/sstandaard mm /set 2:20,30,40,60,80
        Max. gewicht (kg):Lagers 350,Andere aandrijfomponenten 250
        Min. ID (mm):30/Φ155
        Max. OD (mm):790
        Max. breedte (mm):315
        Max. breedte (Max. breedte horizontale verhitting,mm):280
        Max. bereik:240℃ ((Magneet sensor,Digitale uitlezing)
        Automatische demagnetisering:YES
        Afmetingen (l×b×h,mm):1200×640×1000
        Gewicht verhitter (kg):65/105(excl. Staven)
        ●40RSDm is a car model, 40RSD is no car models.
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        Copyright:Shanghai Cen Nuo Machinery Co. Ltd.