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        About us

        Import maintenance tool of expert

        The company was founded in 2006, professional agent sales of various types of imported hydraulic tools and equipment, customer service repair services and undertake various brands of hydraulictools.

        The company was founded, committed to the development of high pressure hydraulic products,systems and tools model. Many products are because of their demonstrated good reliability and service life under severe operating conditions and become the industry standard. We always be conscientious and do one's best, to meet the different needs and requirements of customer sitecontinued efforts, dedication, innovation, research and development of safe and simple both cost effective solution,

        In order to meet the current and future industrial challenge.

        EQUALIZER professional flange maintenance tools, the British imported, which located in the heartof Beihai oil and gas industry, to provide a safe and practical tool for industrial committed to.Around the world, from Moscow to Mexico, EQUALIZER tools have been widely used.

        EQUALIZER for the pipeline flange, providing professional separation, malposition correctingeffective solutions and closed, can effectively improve the work efficiency, reduce the risk ofequipment damage and casualties and cost savings, especially in the petroleum, chemical, natural gas, heavy industry and so on industry, is even more remarkable effect!

        Induction heater of high quality BEGA, imported from Holland, since the beginning of 1978 R & D and production of "special tools" and for bearing and other transmission parts, provide a non -destructive installation and disassembly solutions. Our expertise and experience to ensurereliability, quality and professional product advice, of course including our excellent service. We will be more efforts to push

        Wide to various industries, such as wind power, nuclear energy, mining, installation and removal of various types of bearings, such as train axle drive components to provide professional and efficientto the solution!

        SPARK professional maintenance tools, designed by the Taiwan professional production, high-endproduct quality, perfect after sale service have won the majority of customers trust and support. Wewill continue for the metallurgical, petrochemical, electric power, mine, railway, ship buildingindustries such as machinery and equipment, as in the past of manufacturing, installation,debugging and maintenance to provide quality service and high quality products.

        The main operating projects with hydraulic jacks, hydraulic wrench, hydraulic pump, pipe puller,punching and electric equipment, application is very extensive, marketing to the world.

        Shanghai Cen Connaught Machinery Co., pay attention to quality, attention to service, pay more attention to the customers and the future.

        Brand sales agent:

        SPARK spark: hydraulic cylinder, Rama, hydraulic pump, torque wrench, bolt tension machine,bending machine, press machine, electric tools, electric hoist, ultra high pressure tool;

        BEGA: bearing heater, medium frequency induction heater, bearing cold installation tool;

        EQUALIZER: flange, flange separator dislocation corrector (micro gap, zero clearance), flangeclosed tools, lifting tools, separation tool;

        HYVOK: Jack, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic pump, press;

        POWERRAM: hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic pump, gear puller;

        OMAR STAR Star: puller;

        ENERPAC Enerpac: hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic pump, gear puller;

        POWER TEAM Paierdi: hydraulic drawing tool, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic pump;

        POSI LOCK Po Othello: puller;

        IZUMI: electric tools;

        KUDOS: nut scissor.

        Copyright:Shanghai Cen Nuo Machinery Co. Ltd.